Ruba Club's Mission Statement

Supporting Members and their Communities through Social Arts-Entertainment & Physics

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Golden Tassel Jawns

PHILADELPHIA'S BURLESQUE AWARDS LIVE you'll feel it in your hearts your laps your waving fingertips, unrestrained, tether-less, burlesque appreciation, passion and awards -- 9:00pm . 21+

Friday, June 16, 2017

TANGO Milonga

Philly Argentine Tango School's monthly Dance event with DJ flown in, food, empanatas, and the magic in the Ruba Ballroom-Theater -- Lessons 8:30pm : Milonga 9:30pm -- 3:00am

Saturday, June 24, 2017

S'Teil the SHOW! 9pm Flying above the Ruba Ballroom

S'Teil the Show, Aerial Dance from above, just about anything down below it. Exciting, Sexy, Don't try it at home. -- 9pm 21+

For The Full Ruba Experience Membership Applications Available. to request a membership application.

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Ruba is 103 years of a club dedicated to Philadelphia communities. Members and their communities -- supporting "Social Arts-Entertainment" and of course the ever-present "Physics & physics related activities." Membership Applications available.

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