RUBA Ballroom-Theater, 414-416 Green Street, Philadelphia

We’re bringing everyone back for another edition of SPACE TRASH at Ruba!

The trash is excited to continue to bring on different local DJ’s (check out their links).

Let the trash continue.

JAN 19 / 10pm-3am RUBA CLUB - 416 GREEN ST $5 Cover 21+

Sets: 10:00 BILLA

11:15 JAYO

12:30 CROUSE



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This is a SPACE for beings to be... to be free from prejudice, free from worry, free from judgement, a place to release, because in one way or another, we’re all TRASH, and it’s absolutely beautiful. I know am I, you know you are, we know we are, but this is a time, and a SPACE, to share that with everyone. For everyone to be recognized, for everyone to be a witness and to be witnessed, because it’s everyones presence that makes this possible. We’re all artists in our own way, and it’s the artistic expression of ourselves that draws each of us together. Regardless of it’s nature visually, sonically, physically, delectably, we’re all in one SPACE, and it’s a kinetic energy. We all share the love of curiosity, the desire to exist, and because of that love, because of that curiosity, we can all exist, respect, and love one another. This is SPACE TRASH. We curate from the plethora of local talent that Philly has, because it is so rich, and it needs to be witnessed. These are the people that know you, and that you know, they’re the ones your standing in lines with, the ones you’re bumping elbows with on the dance floor, the ones who you see time and time again. We do this because in the past Philly has given us so much in the way of the arts and we want to give back to that, as well as keep it rolling, and provide a SPACE for that local talent to be showcased. This our community.